Practice Areas : Business Law

Corporate Law

Corporate Organization and Business Licenses

We provide advice to our clients across a complex variety of organizational structures to achieve their business goals and to fulfill the requirements of incorporation, including registration and creation of corporate documents such as bylaws and corporate resolutions. We assist clients in obtaining their requisite business permits and licenses from State and Federal authorities including FDA approvals.

We assist our clients to form non-for-profit organizations.


We provide advice about appropriate M&A structures, as well as other types of business structures such as joint ventures, alliance agreements, and distribution agreement. We assist our clients negotiate mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, alliance agreements and distribution agreements. We prepare all necessary agreements and perform legal due diligence to uncover any hidden or contingent liabilities.

We have represented Japanese public and private entities in transportation industry, IT industry, services industry and manufacturing.


We draft policies and procedures which help ensure that businesses and their parent companies are in compliance with various federal and state regulations. We also monitor compliance status and resolve compliance-related issues.


Ecommerce is an exciting new way of doing business, and the applicable law is developing fast to keep pace with this new industry. We are keeping up-to-date with the applicable law and provide advice to our clients on e-commerce including drafting agreements for sale of goods and services via the internet and mobile devices, including agreements with vendors and with end users and policies for use of the internet sites for e-commerce. We provide advice on licensing agreements.

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